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Do you want to tell
Your Life Story?

Dennis can write it for you

DENNIS TROTTER is a former newspaper editor who will interview you (and family or friends, if requested) and create a written record of “Your Life’s Story”.

“I enjoy interviewing people and their families and learning about their lives. Interviewing the subject personally usually produces the best results. After all, who knows the story better than the person who is the main character?”

Dennis was prompted to establish his business after being frequently asked to prepare information for eulogies of local community members.

what you need to know?

Benefits of telling your story

It’s often not until someone dies that families realise there’s a great deal about Mum or Dad’s early life they don’t know. They may have heard snippets over the years, but there are many gaps and some interesting facts have simply never come to light.

Free Estimate

Following an initial, no-obligation interview, Dennis is able to give an estimate of cost before undertaking an assignment. He offers a competitive rate based mainly on time and length of the story.

what do I get?

You are provided with:

  • a spiral-bound hard copy
  • additional copies available
  • an electronic copy which can be added to at any time

Gift Vouchers available

Gift vouchers are available, and are a popular choice for adult children who want to engage Dennis’ services to write their parents’ life story.

How does the writing process work?

No obligation initial interview

Dennis will meet with you to explain the process and give an estimate of cost based on what you want to achieve.

Main Interviews

Dennis will interview you at a location convenient to you. Interviews may be conducted over several sessions if appropriate.

Writing & review of draft script

An initial draft is produced and reviewed with you.  Most “Your life story” assignments are completed in 6-7 days.

A bound hard copy is produced

Following your acceptance and approval of the script, it is printed and bound for you.  You also receive an electronic version that can be easily added to in the future.

What people are saying

“Family and friends have confirmed what I thought – Dennis made a great job of creating my life’s story. This was something I always wanted to do but probably didn’t have the skills myself to make it as interesting as he has done.”
Gordon Townsend

(purchased 16 copies to give to his grandchildren)

Maxine (91) was so pleased with her “My Life’s Story” she ordered an additional 100 copies!
Maxine Minnema

“Having the memories and information is one thing, but putting it in written form so it is enjoyable for others to read is something else. This is something that I would recommend everyone does, and before they get too old! ”
Joy Carr

(the recipient of full care in a rest home)

“Thank you very much for your help on this adventure”.

John Kraakman, son of Peter (pictured)

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